Monday, 4 March 2013

A woman was planning a flight

A woman was planning a flight
by Rick Lime

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Hosts of angels, wings beating in flight
Held celestial bodies just right
Physics pulled back the curtain
But I'm still uncertain
How 'quantums' can shed any light

A fellow was planning a flight
But began with bordellos that night
In between lust and haste
The man's pants were misplaced
So they grounded the Casanovite

Before his career'd taken flight
Yogi Berra quotes all sounded trite
Much later however
They sounded more clever
Like "Errors I made can't be right"

First she gasped then she took off in flight
In the morning, when first she caught sight
Of his thing, oh so ugly
With which she had smugly
Gone humpety bump in the night

Ulysses was planning a flight
From the Siren's bay late in the night
He would face the high sea
In his bid to be free
'Cuz, his bark was much worse in their bight

A couple was planning a flight
With the mile high club in their sight
But the john was so small
That he leaned 'gainst the wall
And the door handle got a delight

A fellow was planning a flight
'Cuz the DA intends to indict
So he'll snorkel and scuba
Lay low in Aruba
And old Beach Boys lyrics recite

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