Monday, 7 October 2013

The Snake

Entered into Mad Kane's weekly limerick contest
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The Snake
by Rick Lime

“We all hate the Gov” hissed the snake
Vote for me, and it back, I will take
But the snake, who was sly
Had in fact, told a lie
His intent was, this country, to break!

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the snake
Said “Your freedom’s the thing that’s at stake”
While his plan, which is real
Is your freedom, to steal
Tread upon in his Tea Party’s wake

So, beware the forked tongue of the snake
Randall Paul and Ted Cruz for him spake
They grandstand, filibust,
Neither man should you trust
To be gullible is our mistake

David Koch is the name of the snake
There’s a hunger he never will slake
And he’ll make us all bleed
For his corporate greed.
Head him not, or your future forsake!