Sunday, 12 April 2015

Obstinate Grit

I was sixteen; I’d dropped out of school
Just an immature know-it-all fool
Still, I showed up each day
Earning minimum pay
To a job where I worked like a mule

The foreman was from the Ukraine
So there’s something I need to explain
The man’s English was broke
So whenever he spoke
He would need to repeat it again

Then, one day I’m unloading a van
And it’s going according to plan
Till I look at the boss
And he seems really cross
He says “Carry as much as you can”

So I set down my load on the floor
Headed back where I picked up some more
But now under the strain
I’m bent over in pain
And the sweat’s really starting to pour

Of the job I’m no longer a fan
But, I want to behave like a man
Then the boss happens by
When he catches my eye
He says “Carry as much as you can”

Now, at this point I have to admit
I was tempted to tell him “I quit!”
But I didn’t explode
I just increased the load
Trudging onward with obstinate grit

When I made my way back to the van
There’s the boss and his lecture began
“For the third time today
You no hear what I say
ONLY carry as much as you can!”

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