Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Monty Hall's puzzle

Monty Hall's puzzle
By Rick Lime

Monty Hall was a game show host whiz
All acclaim for this puzzle is his
He'd deliver his spiel
Then say "Let's make a deal".
And that show is the scene for this quiz

A young couple was once asked to choose
Curtain A, B, or C, with no clues
Only one holds a prize
So it's no big surprise
There's a two in three chance that they'll lose

Their decision's the one labeled C
And they're happy as kids in a tree
'Cuz the host quickly shows
What he already knows
That there's nothing behind curtain B

But the host has got one final play
And it's argued about to this day
He now says they can switch
And that leads to my pitch
Would you keep C or trade it for A?


  1. Thanks, it's fun writing these too. I've loved this puzzle for years, but I learned 2 things about Monty while writing this poem. First, he's Canadian and second his original name was Monty Halperin.