Monday, 28 January 2013

A fellow stepped into the hall

A fellow stepped into a hall
by Rick Lime

A woman stepped into the holl-er
A classic’ly trained square dance call-er
She plays Ludwig Van
And says “Left Allemande”
With the chance that the dancers might Mahl-er

When Ms Clinton stepped into the hall
“You’d be fired by me” said Rand Paul
Hear the Oz lion sing
“If I’d only been king”
Is that pride going before the fall?

A fellow stepped into the hall
First he wept, then he started to bawl
There’s Liz Lemon and Jack
Tracy Morgan and Krak
He had just said good bye to them all

A feller was fixin ta haul
His ramshackle wreck to St. Paul
The dad-burned directions
Shore had imperfections
He purt near drove by Montreal

A fellow stepped into the hall
‘tween the bed and the head on the yawl
And then grinning he swore
“I’ve been blown offshore
And my mast is beginning to fall”

If’n y’all would step into the hall
This here feudin’ we jes might forestall
Ain’t rightly my bidness
But this pro and quid-ness
Is too high-falutin, by gall

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  1. A fellow stepped into the hall
    From his bed, which itself was quite small
    Then from under the gable
    His kitchenette table
    Unfolded to run wall to wall

    To the bathroom each morning he’d haul
    Soap and tow’ls, it was shared after all.
    The first tenant to rise
    Got the hot water prize
    To the rest a cold show’r would befall

    The landlord had signs in the hall
    Cartoon pictures with hand written scrawl
    “If the worst comes to worst
    Rent’s still due on the first”
    And some other tripe I don’t recall

    But the thing that would cause me to haul
    Out my suitcase and vacate that stall
    Was when Mrs Landlord
    Whom her husband adored
    Came to preach th’ epistles of Paul.