Monday, 18 February 2013

A man who was eating a roll

A man who was eating a roll
by Rick Lime

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William Tell and his son on a roll
At the Lucky Strike Lanes set a goal
T' at least spare every frame
But their team had no name
So we don't know for whom the Tells bowl

The hillsides may hummock and roll
And the valleys can basin and bowl
But as far as I see
There forever will be
In the world, only one grassy knoll

A woman was "eating a roll"
That's sex talk for "pollish the pole"
And while I'm not fluent
"Mamada"s congruent
With both phrases en espanol

Her drummer was drumming a roll
A fiddle-er fingered his scroll
Beyonce innuendo-ed
The chorus crescendo-ed
Much more than the melody swole

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