Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A man who'd been recently canned

A man who'd been recently canned
by Rick Lime

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An escort was recently canned
For lit'rally  beating the band
She was given the boot
When her Madame found oout
She'd been giving them all a free hand

A woman was recently canned
For teaching that one in the hand
Was worth two in the bush
It's a theory she'd push
But not one that us boys understand

To paraphrase Donald, "You're Canned!"
Pointing finger, mock pistol in hand
It's no TV show lout
That he's talking about
But his face in the mirror all tanned

A song that was recently canned
By Ms Knowles and the President's band
Has ignited a fire
And while not a pyre
The idiot flames have been fanned

A gal who'd been recently canned
Was asked "Sarah, what next have you planned?"
First she hummed, then she hawed
Then inspired by god
She said "Share More Broadly the Message of the Beauty of Freedom and the Imperative of Defending Our Republic and Restoring This Most Exceptional Nation"

A man who'd been recently canned
For visiting sites that were banned
Found it hard to let go
For a minute or so
He'd it all in the palm of his hand

A woman was recently canned
For indecently using a hand
To first hide then reveal
Then refuse to conceal
The two parts that she hadn't quite tanned

And a couple of alternate rhymes about the Super Bowl
The super bowl's finally here
Seems the hype has been building all year
And while some think the game
Is exceedingly lame
We'll use any excuse to drink beer

QBs throw the bombs, LBs blitz
The coach barks his orders and spits
While boys from the benches
Make war in the trenches
And fans drink Budweiser and Schlitz

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