Sunday, 14 July 2013

Chaste Chicks

The grand kids wanted to hear a story, so I told them this one ...

Chaste Chicks
by Rick Lime

Gather round if you’ve nothing to do
I’ve a story that’s stranger than true
It’s a shaggy dog tale
Guaranteed not to fail
With a moral on which you can chew

Years ago we were driving around
From the rear I could hear an odd sound
So, I slowed down a crack
And I looked out the back
What comes next will amaze and astound

In the rear-view I stared in the face
Of a chicken who quickened her pace
When she opened her stride
And came up along side
I could tell that she wanted a race

Then she pulled out in front. What a bird!
Still, I know what you think “How absurd!”
You may scoff if you must
But we’ere left in the dust
And I floored it, I give you my word.

Up ahead, we could see where she turned
And some answers I thought we had earned
So I stopped and appealed 
To a man in his field
As I spoke to him, here’s what we learned

The farm was called “Betty & Greg’s”
They raised chickens from GMO eggs
When I blurted, aghast,
“They’re incredibly fast”
He responded “They all have three legs!”

“That explains it”, I heard myself say
I was still somewhat puzzled, but hey,
After what he just said
I would ask him instead
Why they chose to raise chickens that way

“There’s the boy and his mother” says he
“Right away, if you count it, we’re three”
He went on with a snort
“That’s a chicken leg short
‘Cuz we all want a drumstick, you see?”

What I asked then was “How did they taste
On a dinner plate, gravied and graced”
He replied, “I regret,
We’ve not caught any yet
Though there’s many a chick whose been chased.”

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