Wednesday, 17 December 2014

What's for Lunch?

This week, the US congress passed the devastating CRomnibus spending bill. This bill guts the Dodd-Frank financial regulations put in place to protect us from Wall Street's otherwise unchecked greed. It also lifts campaign contribution limits, allowing for even more corporate influence during elections. The bill weakens the EPA and effectively cancels the pro-pot initiative recently passed in Washington DC. Democrats voting for the CRomnibus defended their actions saying things would be worse if they delayed because the Republicans will soon control the senate.

A Democrat strategist said
"Though this CRomnibus bill we all dread
Wihen your choice is, to wit
Eat a sandwich of shit
Always go for the one with more bread"

But the logic he used is a trap
A canard that we all need to scrap
If you're living in fright 
Of a fight with the right
Then you'll always eat one percent crap

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