Wednesday, 17 June 2015


I recently got pulled into a discussion about which progressive activities were the most effective and whether voting should be encouraged. Some 'leftists' need a kick in the pants!

You will wander and wend 'ere you find
Any man with a more open mind
'One for all' to a fault
I'm the anti John Galt
I'm progressive, inclusive and kind

I believe in "United We Stand"
And in sharing the fat of the land
So you'd think i would know
How to go with the flow
When we're not eye to eye; glove in hand

Take this fellow from work, he's a peer
Though he's charitable and sincere
I won't give to his cause
As it still gives me pause
When he labels all gay people 'queer'

And the candidate I should endorse
She's a socialist stalwart, of course
Can't rely on my vote
Cuz I read in a quote
Of her catholic views on divorce

There's my cousin whose fighting pollution
He's requested a small contribution
And I'd lend him a hand 
If he'd alter his stand
On the Middle East two state solution

My objections to some seem obscure
And at times even I can't be sure 
But out here on the left
We're exceedingly deft
At deciding whose tainted or pure 

If you think that my views are extreme
They're not nearly unique as they seem
Our ideals are intact
And we're ready to act
We just need to awake from the dream

That our differences all melt away
And we join hands together and sway
Cuz we know in our heart
We were meant to be part
Of the grand resurrection of Che